Product Care


  • DO NOT clean product in a dishwasher.  The high heat and chemicals will dull the luster. If the product was cleaned in a dish machine, the luster can be restored. See Recommendations.
  • BEFORE AND AFTER USE, hand wash product with a mild liquid dish washing detergent using a non-abrasive cloth or sponge. Dry immediately and thoroughly after washing with a soft cloth.
  • DO NOT use product directly on electric/gas stove or in a Microwave. See Recommendations for maintaining heat.
  • DO NOT use a Silver Polish. See Recommendations.


  • PRE-HEATING: Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat. When serving warm foods, the product can be pre-heated in an oven before dishing. Use small or adjustable-flamed canned heat to maintain food temperature.
  • PRE-COOLING: Aluminum is also an excellent conductor of cold. When serving cold foods, the product can be pre-cooled in a refrigerator before dishing.
  • ACIDIC FOODS:  Avoid prolonged (4-6 hours) exposure to acidic foods, dressings, etc. We recommend, if possible, spraying the product with a light mist of a vegetable oil (Pam) prior to dishing acidic foods or salads.
  • CARVING/CUTTING:  To avoid scratches, do not carve and/or cut food directly on product.
  • METAL UTENSILS:  Minor scratches will occur when using Metal utensils with the aluminum products. The minor scratches can be buffed out using the recommended polish below. We recommend using the attractive Wooden or Durable Plastic utensils on the market today.
  • STORING:  To avoid scratching the product, stack product using protection of a soft cloth or paper between each piece when not in use.
  • RESTORE LUSTER:  Based off of ours, and customers, success in restoring the products, the Purple Polish and Aluminum Deoxidizer best restores the luster by using a Buffing Wheel assembly with an Electric Drill. If needed, you can use 3000 Wet Sand Paper to remove acidic stains and major scratches prior to the Buffing Process. We do have the Purple Polish, Deoxidizer and Buffing Wheel assembly available for purchase. Polish $12, Deoxidizer $12 and Buffing Wheel $19.