Polished Aluminum
Serving Pieces &
Wrought Iron Stands

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Cater 2 Cater offers beautiful Polished Aluminum Serving Pieces and specially designed Wrought Iron Stands.  The Polished Aluminum Pieces are handcrafted and individually polished.  They are durable and will not tarnish or rust and their beauty can be enjoyed for years with minimal care.  Slight imperfections are common and contribute to the uniqueness of the pieces.

A large assortment of sizes and shapes are available for all occasions.  The Wrought Iron Stands are manufactured in a variety of designs including tiered stands to be used to create an arrangement accommodating several of the polished aluminum serving pieces.  Unique food service is accomplished by using our Polished Aluminum Serving Pieces with our Wrought Iron Stands as risers for elevation achieving a more dramatic presentation for your Guests.